Why Does Sterling Silver Jewelry Turns Black?

Why Does Sterling Silver Turns Black ?

Sterling silver is a precious metal that has always been favored by consumers and jewelers due to its accessibility and limitless design options. However, sterling silver oxidizes quickly and turns black.

If sterling silver jewelry isn’t polished frequently and isn’t maintained properly, it tends to tarnish more quickly. When metals are exposed to air, a reaction occurs called oxidation, which tarnishes the metal and causes jewelry to become dull, less lustrous, and black. However, there are many causes of oxidation and you can generally prevent sterling silver from tarnishing. These include the usage of household sprays, the environment, cosmetics, chemical exposure, and more. Moreover, natural oils in the skin can help speed up the oxidation.

The best way to prevent your favorite pieces of sterling silver jewelry from tarnishing is to clean them after wearing. Now this will not only remove dirt,natural oils and sweats,but also prevent the chemical process of oxidation.

If your silver has already tarnished, you can polish it using products you already have. To remove dirt, fingerprints, or even scratches from your jewelry, use a polishing cloth and some silver polish. Before polishing, be sure to clean your jewelry .

Always keep your silver jewelry safe and learn how to store it with proper care.

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