How Long Does Sterling Silver Last?

How long does sterling silver last?

As sterling silver jewelry comes with wide range of patterns and long lasting with less expensive than gold and more exquisite,it is one of the precious metal for making jewelry.

As pure silver is a soft metal and cannot be used to make jewelry or other household items, sterling silver jewelry typically contains 92.5% silver and the remaining 7.5% copper or other alloys. Hence the name 925 sterling silver. wanna know how to find your jewelry is real? checkout this link here.

How long does sterling silver last?

So how long does your silver jewelry last? Well,the answer, however, depends on your usage patterns, such as whether you wear your jewelry frequently or everyday, as well as how you store it.

Generally, sterling silver will last forever, but it will tarnish from time to time. When exposed to air, metals undergo a reaction known as oxidation ,which causes the jewelry to become dull, less shiny, and black.

This will cause the silver to tarnish more quickly. But don’t worry, we’ll give you some pointers on how to make your jewelry last longer.

Silver jewelry can easily become black if not properly cared for on a regular basis. The following jewelry care tips will come in handy.

Wipe it clean:

Make sure you can wash your jewelry to get sweat, makeup, natural oils, grime, and other things off of it and wipe it clean. Also click here to know more about your jewelry is waterproof .

The best way to clean jewelry is to remove the clasps or hooks before wiping. using a wiping cloth to remove dirt, make-up, and other substances after wearing it. Jewelry should also be stored correctly to prevent corrosion.

Store your jewelry:

Make sure to keep your jewelry in its box after wiping it clean with a soft cloth.If you have multiple pieces of jewelry, place each piece in its own jewelry box after cleaning it, or place it in a tiny ziplock bag and keep it in a clean, dry spot.

Wear it last:

While silver jewelry tarnishes easily due to exposure, you should wear it last after your dress, make-up, and perfumes as they contain chemicals that would tarnish your jewelry and clothes may scratch your jewelry. So it’s best to put it on last, just before you leave the house.

We want you to keep wearing your favorite jewelry for years to come, so clean it frequently to keep it looking brand new. Silver jewelry that is properly cared for will last longer and shine brighter.

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