Are sterling silver Jewelry waterproof?

Are sterling silver waterproof?
Are sterling silver waterproof?

Sterling silver is the most precious and affordable metal, loved for its timelessness and endless variety of designs to make a statement for the wearer.

So for the most skeptical thought of “Can you wear sterling silver in the shower? ” or Are silver jewelry waterproof?” The answer is yes. Although silver jewelry is waterproof, it is not advisable to wear it while in the shower.

Generally,water does not harm your jewelry but it will speed up the oxidation process that causes it to tarnish. Also there is risk of dropping your jewelry down the drain so it is best to leave your jewelry in the dresser.

If you didn’t take your jewelry off before the shower, simply wipe it up before putting it away and be sure to dry it completely after.

However,wearing jewelry in the pool is not the same as wearing it in the shower. Your jewelry may tarnish more quickly as a result of chlorine and other chemicals found in shampoo and lotions. You should therefore leave your jewelry on the dresser instead.

Contrarily,silver jewelry doesn’t tarnish or oxidize when exposed to water; rather, other elements, such as chemical reactions, might cause the jewelry to turn black. Check out our detailed piece “Why does sterling silver turn black?”and tips on cleaning you jewelry

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